Marine Solutions, Marina Development

Marina Development

Scud Marine has international collaborations with leading Marina Development Company’s of the world. We offer turnkey development services, consulting services and equity investments/ partnerships to develop State of the Art Marina’s with “Clean Marina Initiative”.

Our naval experience in the Luxury Yacht business leverages our abilities to provide superior service, spare part handling and maintenance facilities to Yacht and Motor Boat Owners at the Marina.

Our range of activities does not restrict to just the marina, we understand that the waterfront property is as essential and a leading profit head centre as the Marina itself, and therefore given the vast experience of our International Collaborators’ our services include to undertake to plan, consult, design, build districts surrounding the Marina’s to assist the developer in gaining the maximum from its Marina investment.

Scud Marine has initiated discussions with Indian Naval Authorities, Ministry of Environment and Various State Govt’s within India to achieve its vision of a being a Leading Marina Operator in this sub-continent.